Now is the perfect time to start thinking about face peels

Coming out of the summer into the autumn is the perfect time to start thinking about having some face peels.

At the Bexley clinic, we can offer a wide range of peels to suit your skin type and colour and indications.

Salicylic and Jessner’s peels are great for acne prone skin, with Jessner’s also being good for pigmentation problems. Glycolic and the stronger TCA peels are good for fine lines and wrinkles and ageing skin.

We also provide the much talked-about Perfect Peel – this is a combination peel, the strongest peel we do and does not require any skin preparation. You can get the same effect in just one peel achieved in 2-3 of the weaker peels.

If you would like more information about chemical peels, please make an appointment for a free consultation.